Your Guide to Bidets and How to Find the Right One

Your Guide to Bidets and How to Find the Right One

by Riyaz Hyder Mohiyuddeen on Jun 11, 2023

Hello earthlings! Today, we're diving deep into the world of bidets, those must-have bathroom fixtures taking personal hygiene to new heights. If you haven't yet heard of these fantastic devices, buckle up. You're in for a treat!

Bidets: What, Why, and How?

Bidets are personal hygiene apparatus used for cleaning yourself after using the bathroom. Predominantly used in Europe, Asia, and South America, bidets are now gaining momentum worldwide.

Types of Bidets

There are four main types of bidets:

  1. Freestanding Bidets: Separate fixtures that look like small sinks or toilets. They require a separate water supply and drain, and you have to move from the toilet to the bidet to use it.

  2. Handheld Bidets: Attach to the toilet water supply, and hang on a hook or holder near the toilet. You can control the water pressure and direction, and can use them while sitting on the toilet or standing over it.

  3. Built-in Bidets: These seats or attachments fit on top of your existing toilet. They have nozzles that spray water from underneath the seat. Some of them have features like warm water, air dryer, deodorizer, and remote control.

  4. Warm Water Bidets: Similar to handheld or built-in bidets, but they heat up the water before spraying it. They are more comfortable and hygienic, but may require more installation and maintenance.

Using a Bidet

Using a bidet can seem intimidating if you're a first-timer, but worry not! The key is to remember the following steps:

  1. Adjust the water pressure and temperature.
  2. Position yourself correctly over the bidet.
  3. Clean yourself gently with the water spray.
  4. Dry yourself with a towel or an air dryer.
  5. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the bidet.

Benefits and Risks

Bidets can be a great alternative to toilet paper and may help with conditions such as hemorrhoids or irritable bowel syndrome. However, bidets may also increase the risk of bacterial vaginitis or itching for some people. Electric warm water bidets may have bacterial contamination.

Enter the iBidet: Elevate Your Bathroom Experience

Now, meet the iBidet from Emowai, the handheld bidet that marries comfort with convenience. Forget about the inconvenience of freestanding bidets or the awkward positioning with built-in bidets. The iBidet offers optimal control with a handheld device that you can adjust for comfort and efficiency. Coupled with superior technology, your bathroom experience will be luxurious.

Experience the soothing, gentle warmth of its 'always-on' warm water feature. Enjoy the protective care of its PH balanced cleanser that safeguards your skin health. Experience freshness like never before with its built-in warm air-dryer. And what's more? The automatic bathroom freshener ensures a fragrant welcome every time you step into your bathroom.

Why You Should Choose the iBidet: More Than a Bidet

The iBidet is more than a hygiene device—it's a personal care revolution. Here's why you should consider making the iBidet your choice for intimate hygiene:

  1. Sensitive skin savior: The iBidet's PH balanced cleanser is designed to protect and nurture your skin, minimizing irritation and providing relief.

  2. Perfect for physical conditions: The gentle water pressure and comprehensive hygiene it offers can help soothe discomfort from conditions like hemorrhoids or anal fissures, while preventing infection and bleeding

  3. The champion of UTIs and yeast infections: By providing warm water and hygiene, the iBidet can help flush out bacteria and fungi that cause these infections, while also balancing the pH and flora of your intimate areas.

  4. Accessibility at its finest: The iBidet is a game-changer for those with mobility issues or disabilities, promoting independence and dignity.

  5. Your eco-friendly companion: With reduced use of toilet paper, iBidet saves trees, water, and energy, contributing to a greener planet.

  6. Elevated hygiene: The iBidet ensures a far superior clean compared to traditional methods. The PH balanced cleanser and warm water spray help to effectively remove any residue, reducing the risk of infection and promoting overall intimate health.

  7. Comfort and luxury: The iBidet’s warm water, comforting air-dry feature, and soothing cleansing process provide an unrivaled feeling of luxury and comfort.

  8. Consistency: The 'always-on' warm water ensures a consistent, pleasant temperature every time. No more chilly surprises or uncomfortable adjustments.

  9. Always fresh: The integrated automatic bathroom freshener leaves your bathroom smelling wonderful after each use.

In conclusion, the iBidet from Emowai offers you an experience that traditional bidets, toilet paper, or even built-in bidets can't match. It's high time to embrace the future of intimate care and transform your bathroom routine with this all-in-one safe bathroom fixture. Elevate your self-care game with the iBidet—it's a revolution in personal hygiene that you won't want to miss!